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Client API

BangDB returns set of data for query using ResultSet. ResultSet allows iteration over keys and values.



To create ResultSet object

To check data status
 bool moreDataToCome(); 
To count the events
 int count(); 
Checking for beginning
 void begin();
void beginReverse(); 
To check for next event
 bool hasNext(); 
To move to next event
 void moveNext(); 
To get next key
 FDT *getNextKey(); 
To get next value
 FDT *getNextVal(); 
To get next stream key
 char *getNextKeyStr(); 
To get length of next stream key
 int getNextKeyLen(); 
To get next stream val
 char *getNextValStr(); 
To get next stream val length
 int getNextValLen(); 
To get size of next long key
 long getNextKeyLong(); 
To get size of next long val
 long getNextValLong(); 
To check if key is string type
 bool isKeyString(); 
To check if the value is string type
 bool isValString(); 
 FDT *lastEvaluatedKey(); 
To delete ResultSet object
 virtual ~ResultSet(); 



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