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BangDB 2.0 community version is based on BSD 3 license which allows users to use BangDB 2.0 free of cost, the way they would like to use it.

Part of it also aligns with the Open Source license model.

OpenSource License BangDB

BangDB 2.0 Enterprise edition comes with enterprise commercial license and please get in touch with us to know more about it. Please visit the contact page here  or send an e-mail to info@bangdb.com or sachin@bangdb.com

Enterprise License

All features of BangDB is covered in the enterprise license.

There are two kinds of enterprise license and they are

    Enterprise License Basic
    Enterprise License Custom

The details for these licenses could be seen at pricing

The basic difference between these two licenses are in support level and also at co-develop level

There are three different licenses available

L1 [ included in the platform cost]

KT (Knowledge Transfer) – 4 hours [ one time]

DevOps, deployment support – 2 hours [ one time]

Monitoring tools for the infrastructure – 2 hours [ one time]

Hot fixes as needed – ongoing

On-going monthly 8 hours of support

L2 [ in addition to the platform cost]

All that is covered in L1, in addition

Owning the infra/deployment monitoring & management

Managing upgrades, updates, backup for database

Integration support

15 USD per hour per head – 40 hours per week, min 2 engineers

[ We can add more engineers as needed, depending upon size of deployment ]

L3 [ in addition to the platform cost]

 All that is covered in L2, in addition

Build solutions, apps along with customer team – additional L3 engineers as required

Pre-sales and Sales support from BangDB/Tech perspective

YY USD per hour per head – 40 hours per week, min 2 engineers

[ please get in touch with us to figure out the value, it depends on nature of work ] 

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