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Docker Image

BangDB Docker Image

The docker images are available publicly for use. it’s available at docker hub
The docker file is available at github as well;

  • non-ssl BangDB Dockerfile
  • ssl BangDB Dockerfile
  • Steps to run BangDB using the docker image (non-ssl)

    Pull the docker image

    docker pull bangdb/bangdb-server

    Run the docker container

    docker run -it --name bangdb --volume=data:/bin/data --volume=logdir:/bin/logdir -p 18080:18080 -p 10101:10101 --ulimit nofile=300000:300000 --ulimit nproc=100000:100000 --ulimit core=-1 --memory="4g" --memory-swap="4g" --cpus="4" -d bangdb/bangdb-server

    Check the running container

    docker ps

    Get inside the container and run cli (command line interface)

    docker exec -it <container_id> bash


    docker exec -it bangdb bash

    Go to cli folder

    cd cli

    Run the Cli


    The Cli will display a banner like this

    Docker Image - BangDB

    Steps to run BangDB using the docker image (ssl)

    Since BangDB requires ssl certificate (cert.pem and key.pem) files, and these are provided by the user, therefore we
    must build the image by supplying these files.
    To do this, first get the Dockerfile from the github

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sachin-sinha/bangdb_helm/master/ssl/Dockerfile

    Now, create a folder (in the same dir where Dockerfile is kept) names “certificate”

    mkdir certificate

    Copy cert.pem and key.pem files in the “certificate” folder. Please note, the names need to be exactly as stated

    Finally, build the docker image of BangDB in ssl mode using your own certificate files

    docker build -t bangdb-server-ssl/2.0

    You can check the image using following command

    docker images

    In the end, run the BangDB

    docker run -it --name bangdb-ssl --volume=data:/bin/data --volume=logdir:/bin/logdir -p 18080:18080 -p 10101:10101 --ulimit nofile=300000:300000 --ulimit nproc=100000:100000 --ulimit core=-1 --memory="4g" --memory-swap="4g" --cpus="4" -d bangdb-server-ssl/2.0

    You can run the cli by getting inside the container

    docker exec -it bangdb-ssl bash
    cd cli

    To run using yaml chart or on openshift, please see cloud pak for data

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