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BangDB – Introduction

BangDB Manual – version 2.0 (current)

Welcome to the BangDB Manual!

Introduction to BangDB 2.0

BangDB 2.0 is more than just a NoSql database, it’s a predictive real-time NoSQL data analytics platform. It’s designed to align with the future and enable the developers / users to build use cases, solutions with ease and in simple manner.

The goals of the manual are following:

Introduction to BangDB as a converged NoSql database and platform

Explain the concept behind the design and implementation

Showcase sample application code using BangDB for various use cases

Describe the API, query method and other operations using BangDB

Explain the various configuration parameters and tuning methods for best results

Discuss the administrative aspect of the database

Be the thorough reference guide for development using BangDB BangDB offers both community and enterprise versions.

The community version is free to download and use as per BSD 3 license. The basic difference between community and enterprise is level of support, dashboard, data connectors, few modules for ex: Deep Learning package etc.

Please check out the detail discussion in the license section

Some of the useful pointer to get started are :

Getting started | BangDB API | Explainer for API usage | Configuration

Here are some of the important resources

Forum | github repo | blogs | sample applications | how to videos | Twitter

For anything as needed, please feel free to directly send us mail –

info@iqlect.com or sachin@bangdb.com



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